Voice Services

Never miss a call or a new lead again


Voice Services Key Features


Capture Leads

Manage incoming calls, property inquiries, messages, and capture buyer and seller leads automatically.

One phone number for everything

Imagine a business card with one toll free number that can reach you anywhere, anytime. It's that simple. 

Recorded property information

Call Capture technology allows the agent to provide 24-hour recorded property information for each of the agent's listings.

Professional image

With a toll free number and auto-attendant, the world will perceive your business as solid, well-established, servicing more regions, and more successful, even if you are working from home.

Single Agents or Big Offices

Good for any business size and can grow with your business

Key features of voice services

We call it an 800 Call Capture system, but it is Actually a Lot More. A call capture system records the Caller ID of the person who is calling the 800 number to listen to a property description; the Caller ID information is sent to the agent via text message and/or email, and is recorded on a web page for future reference. However, the VOBRE Call Capture system does way more than that.

The VOBRE Call Capture system is also a fax on demand and a mobile virtual tour on demand system. Callers can have any document the agent makes available faxed to the callers fax number. In addition, callers can also have mobile virtual tours texted to their cell phones. Callers love this. They can see all the photos of the property without even going to their computer; the tour is on their phone.

It is really a full featured auto-attendant that allows the agent or company to set up multiple extensions and 999 property extensions. If a caller is trying to get hold of you, the system seeks you out by forwarding to multiple forwarding numbers until it tracks you down. If you want, you can also use it as a voice mail box system with almost unlimited mailboxes. Because it is integrated with the VOBRE TMS, you can easily add any caller to your contact manager where you can start managing the lead! You will love it.

What you can expect from Voice Services:

  • Toll Free Call Capture Technology
  • Personal Toll Free Number
  • Automated Attendant
  • Call Forward - Follow Me Around
  • Unlimited Extensions
  • Simple Setup and Management
  • Fax On Demand
  • Advertising Extensions (You get 999 unique advertising extensions)
  • Immediate Call Notifications via Text Message, Email, or Both.
  • Online usage and lead reporting
  • Contact Manager integration
  • Unblockable Caller ID (always see who is calling!) If the call is from a land line telephone, you will get the caller's name and address as well as the number.
  • Unlimited Voice Mail Messages
  • Voice message can be checked in your email, online, or by calling your number and using your four digit pin.

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