Transaction Processing & Compliance

Use VOBRE to implement your compliance strategy


Key Transaction Processing & Compliance Tools

Workflow Management

For any transaction type, you can set up task templates for yourself and other team members or transaction participants; you can also set up workflow events that occur on key dates in your calendar; you can establish in advance what transaction critical documents are required, including which parties must sign them; further, you can establish in advance what required vendor services are required and which vendors you use.

Document Management

When documents come into the transaction, use the document manager to not only check off whether they have been properly initialed or signed but also to easily share those documents with other transaction participants.

Calendaring and Contact Management

Use the robust online calendar to manage key dates, meetings, calls, and events, including showings and open houses; the integrated contact manager makes it easy for you to set up automatic reminders for other transaction participants and clients and makes it easy for you to send messages and documents and to make calls and manage call logs.

Vendor Services Ordering

Set up your escrow companies, title companies, appraisers, and inspectors so that you can easily and quickly request documents and services without having to re-key transaction information in a request form.

Client Management

Keep your clients up to date on the deal; share documents with them; received documents from them; and help them get a loan so that you can close the deal and earn a commission.

VOBRE Transaction Processing and Compliance:

We live in a litigious society. Nobody wants to take the blame for a deal that has gone south. As a real estate professional, you need to do your best to follow the correct transactional protocol established by your real estate brokerage.

Whether you are an independent broker or work for a brokerage firm, you can use VOBRE to implement your compliance strategy. This might mean that your coordinator has predefined tasks, that you need to make sure certain disclosures have been delivered or signed, or that you need to create a written log of all of your transactional activities. While VOBRE does not tell you what you need to do, we provide you with a means to implement your plan.

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