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Key Lead Generation and Management Tools

Personal Website

Your professional appearance to the world starts with a clean, sophisticated, and functional website; VOBRE's personal agent websites fit that bill; to attract unsolicited leads, you need to present yourself appropriately to the world.

Virtual Tours

As part of your listing presentation, in order to convert a seller lead, you need to show the seller how his/her property will be promoted; show the seller high resolution photo tours, both web and mobile, and they will like what they see.

800 Call Capture System

Using a 800 call capture system is a fantastic tool to capture interested buyer leads; promote the toll free number with the unique property extension on the for sale sign and see how many real time leads you will get for that property; explain the system to your seller leads at listing presentations; they will be impressed.

Lead Management and Conversion

The 800 call capture system is integrated seamlessly with the transaction management system's contact manager; with a click of a button, you can transfer the caller's information into your contact manager and start creating notes, call logs, and to do items all with the intent of converting that lead into a buyer for your listing or for other properties you want to show the buyer. By using the showing scheduler, announcement manager, listing syndication and social media marketing managers, and the listing survey system, you will be able to attract leads and then manage them all through VOBRE.

VOBRE Lead Generation and Management Tools for Agents:

Sometimes managing a real estate transaction seems like the easy part. It is capturing a lead and then converting that lead into a client that is the difficult part. Attracting both seller and buyer leads also creates different challenges. VOBRE addresses both challenges. At the core, your success in generating either a seller or a buyer lead, is based on your professionalism, tenacity and organization, and ultimately referrals based on your reputation created by the former two traits. VOBRE helps you with all three.

Professionalism has two components. First, it is the appearance of professionalism created by the technology that you use to market yourself and your properties. Second, it is the manner in which you work with your clients and transaction partners, how you market listings, and how you manage transactions that all can be greatly enhanced by using state of the art technology like VOBRE.

Tenacity and organization are your ability to stay on top of leads and transactions while keeping the whole thing organized, not flustered, and moving forward. Again, by using the robust VOBRE platform, you can greatly enhance your efforts to stay on top of everything, including marketing yourself, your properties, and converting leads.

VOBRE does not profess to make you a professional; rather, we profess to provide you the tools that will help you be the best professional you can be. Being a great professional who uses state of the art technology to market properties and to close transactions will garner you that reputation that makes it all worthwhile — great referral leads.

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