Digital Documents

Transaction documents from all parties at your fingertips


Digital Documents Key Features

Transaction Document Templates

Users can set up document placeholders in the document manager for various transaction types in advance.

Transaction Compliance

Users can set up in advance who must sign each document so that when the documents are put into the document manager, the agent or coordinator can easily review and check off whether the initials and signatures are present.

Document Manipulation

Easily extract pages from large documents to create new documents; apply notes and tasks to documents.

Document Sharing

Easily share documents with other transaction participants by sending the documents straight from the document manager or by giving the other participants access rights in that participant's TMS.

Digital Faxing

Receive your own toll free fax number; easily receive faxes as .pdfs to your email address and in the TMS; easily send documents to another fax number (you can send .pdf, .tif, .tiff, .doc, .rtf, .xls, .txt, .csv, .ps, .gif, .jpg, or .png files).

Barcode Faxing

If the sender used the barcode coversheet, the fax will automatically be named and filed in the Document Manager for the correct transaction.

VOBRE Digital Documents:

Digital Document Management describes a system whereby real estate professionals can store, retrieve, view, and share forms, disclosures, and other documents that have either been saved or scanned in a digital format such as Adobe® PDFs. In VOBRE, these documents can not only be organized online in the VOBRE TMS but can be manipulated effectively to assist the professional in completing the real estate transaction.

For instance, our document manager permits users to easily extract pages from multi-page documents to create a new document. This is helpful when an agent only needs to share, for example, two pages from a fifty page document. In addition, agents or coordinators can apply tasks and notes to documents so that automated notifications go out to the appropriate person when something is required with a document. An example would be if a signature is required on a document; a notification can be set up to remind the agent or other transaction participant to get the document signed. After the document is signed, and has been reviewed, the agent or coordinator can mark the document signed on the document manager checklist.

Since VOBRE users also get their own unique toll free digital fax numbers, transaction participants can fax documents from traditional fax machines into VOBRE. Once in the agent's TMS document in-box, the agent or coordinator can move the digital document into the appropriate transaction. If the sender faxed in the document using the document's barcode coversheet that was created in the document manager and provided by the agent, then the digital document will go directly into the transaction's folder with the document appropriately named. It works great and saves the agent or coordinator a lot of time.

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