About Us

More than a Decade in the Real Estate Technology Businesses

Since the early 1990s, the company has been designing real estate and real estate finance technology that provides real estate professionals with tools that not only assist them with their daily business responsibilities and marketing goals but also that provides the transactional parties with access to a computer network for the interchange of data and information in the real estate transaction. The company formally incorporated in California in 1995 as Yenom, Inc. ("Yenom" is "money" spelled backward).

Early Years
In the early years, the company marketed its web-based collaboration platform through a multitude of access points. The network's access points included RateSheets.com, LoanProcessors.com, LoanAgents.com, LoanConditions.com, TitleStatus.com, RealtorStatus.com, FloodStatus.com, CreditReportStatus.com (for credit), ClosingStatus.com and EscrowStatus.com, AppraisalStatus.com, PMIStatus and MIPStatus (for mortgage insurance), and for the secondary market, MortgagePools.com.

During this early period of the company's history, it worked as a technology partner for many national lenders such as Bank of America Wholesale, IndyMac Bank, and HomeSide Lending, which was purchased by Washington Mutual.

Recent Years
The company consolidated all its real estate industry access points into one entry point called IndustryAccess.com. In keeping with its motto that the company's services provide its customers with Industry Access Anytime, Anywhere®, the company officially changed its corporate name in June 2006 to Industry Access Incorporated.

Industry Access Incorporated markets its real estate and real estate finance productivity suite and collaboration platform as Virtual Office Builder® for Real Estate or VOBRE®. At the core of VOBRE® is its fluid integration of several business applications, including a Transaction Management System (TMS), voice services, fax services, virtual tours, website services, and many other marketing tools.

Looking Forward
VOBRE is a one of a kind productivity suite and collaboration platform designed specifically for real estate professionals and transaction partners. The company is constantly striving to improve its existing technology while adding new features demanded by a changing market. There is no question that in the competitive world of real estate, the difference between simply surviving and fully thriving is one's ability to effectively access and share time critical information at anytime during the day and from anywhere in the world. VOBRE® provides a complete transaction network for members of the real estate and real estate finance community by providing them Industry Access Anytime, Anywhere®.

Some components and functionality of the VOBRE® platform are protected by U.S. Patent 7,769,681 U.S. Patent 8,117,120, and U.S. Patent 8,145,563